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'Rez in the City'
Fashion Show

 "Rez in the City" Fashion Show: Where Indigenous Style Takes the Spotlight 

Elegance in Urban Setting: Join us as we transform the cityscape into a runway of Indigenous elegance. The "Rez in the City" Fashion Show brings together the artistry of six local Indigenous designers, each weaving their heritage and creativity into captivating fashion pieces.

Global Petroleum Congress Fusion: As the Global Petroleum Congress brings global delegates to our city, we seize the moment to bridge cultures through fashion. Experience the fusion of Indigenous tradition and contemporary style, creating an atmosphere of cross-cultural appreciation.

A Night of Style: Admire the seamless blend of modern design and ancestral inspiration as Indigenous fashion takes center stage. Each garment tells a story, capturing the essence of Indigenous identity and creativity.

Cultural Resonance: Immerse yourself in an evening that celebrates more than fashion. Indigenous music and cultural performances will grace the stage, weaving a rich tapestry of tradition and innovation.

Indigenous Design Brilliance: The "Rez in the City" Fashion Show proudly showcases the vision of local Indigenous designers, giving a global audience a glimpse into their unique perspectives and artistic brilliance.

Elevating Urban Glamour: From city lights to Indigenous insights, experience a night where runway glamour meets cultural heritage. Be part of a movement that embraces Indigenous artistry on the fashion stage.

Save the Date: Reserve your spot for an evening of style, culture, and community. Join us at the "Rez in the City" Fashion Show and witness the harmonious blend of Indigenous heritage and haute couture.

Where Style Meets Tradition. Join the Runway Revolution.


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