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Our Story


Co-founder sisters: Melrene Saloy and Autumn EagleSpeaker

Authentically Indigenous Inc. supports local Indigenous creativity, arts, and culture by creating and curating markets, cultural events, opportunities, and services; craft workshops, land-based learning, and cultural knowledge workshops facilitated by local Elders and knowledge keepers.
Authentically Indigenous Inc. offers cultural event planning and cultural consultation connecting non-Indigenous businesses, organizations, and school groups with authentic Indigenous opportunities and experiences.
Authentically Indigenous Marketplace
We curate a unique and memorable craft marketplace featuring Indigenous Artists, Creators and makers from the Calgary and Treaty areas 7, 6 & 8, and beyond!
What you can find at the sale:
Handmade Goods, Crafts, Art, Jewellery, Beadwork, Beauty, Wellness products, Food & More.
History & Previous Craft Markets:
Authentically Indigenous started with a  holiday market in 2015, the first Indigenous marketplace of its kind in Alberta. We've curated the following Authentically Indigenous Markets;
  • ‘Stampede’ July 2016,
  • ‘Holiday’ Nov & Dec 2016,
  • ‘Holiday’ Nov & Dec 2017,
  • ‘Holiday’ Nov & Dec 2018,
  • 'Spring' Apr 2019,
  • 'Holiday' Nov & Dec 2019,
  • 'Summer' Aug 2021,
  • 'Holiday' Dec 2021,
  • 'Honouring Matriarchs (Spring) May 2022
  • 'Holiday' Dec 2022
  • 'Honouring our Matriarchs (Spring) May 2023
  • Indigenous Art Market Sept 2023
  • Indigenous Night Market Sept 2023
  • 'Holiday' Nov 2023
Connecting Others to Cultural Experiences and Opportunities:
Authentically Indigenous provides cultural event planning and cultural consultation, connecting non-Indigenous businesses and organizations with authentic Indigenous opportunities and experiences.
We have worked with: The Blackfoot Confederacy, Amazon, Southcenter Mall, Atco, Enmax, Calgary Catholic School Board, Calgary International Airport, The Town of Canmore, and TAQA Oil.


Thank you for supporting Authentically Indigenous Craft Market and for supporting local Indigenous crafters, makers, artists, and entrepreneurs this holiday season!


*When you buy local, a real person does a little happy dance*

Thank you for shopping for Indigenous

 Autumn & Mel

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